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Rainergy was successfully represented in the Forbes Under 30 Boston Summit!

On 30 September- 3 October, Rainergy's founder Reyhan Jamalova participated in the Forbes Under 30 Boston summit with the support of the Sevimli Bala organization.

The 2018 Forbes Under 30 Summit In Boston convenes more than 7,000 young entrepreneurs and visionaries. This summit is a can't miss the event and creating an immersive experience. The event features more than 200 world-class speakers – including investors, celebrities, musicians, sports stars, cultural icons, world-renowned chefs, and political and business leaders.

Here are some photos from the 1st day of the summit, the Women@Forbes- Closing the Investment Gap, which conveyed 500 top millennial women leaders, game-changers, and stakeholders—equally committed to tackling issues of diversity in the startup and VC community—for a day focused on tough discussions, real solutions, and actionable advice.

Here are the photos from the 2nd day of the summit :

Here are the photos from the 3rd day of the summit :

On the last day, Reyhan was one of the panelists in the 'Lead Breakout Mentorship Sessions' with Year Up Scholars and had a chance to network with the students of the Year Up Greater Boston!

Year Up is a nonprofit organization that provides individuals without college degrees employed in minimum wage jobs a year-long scholarship to foster the skills and support needed to transition into high-powered careers in tech, finance, and more at the most innovative companies.

Here are the some photos from the last day :

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